Center for Perioperative Outcomes

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Hugh C. Hemmings, MD, PhD, FRCA, Chair of Anesthesiology
Kane O. Pryor
Kane O. Pryor, MD, Director of Clinical Research
Zachary A. Turnbull, MD
Peter M. Fleischut
Peter M. Fleischut, MD, Founding Director
Natalia Ivascu, MD
Neel Mehta
Neel Mehta, MD
Nikolaos Skubas, MD, DSc
Angela Selzer
Angela Selzer, MD
Brendon Stiles
Brendon Stiles, MD
Tiffany Tedore
Tiffany Tedore, MD
Roniel Weinberg
Roniel Weinberg, MD

Center for Perioperative Outcomes
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 
Weill Cornell Medical Center
428 East 72nd Street, Suite 800A
New York, NY 10021
Phone: (646) 962-2671
Fax: (646) 962-0435