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Message from the Chair of Anesthesiology

I am pleased to welcome you to the Center for Perioperative Outcomes (CPO) in the Department of Anesthesiology, founded in 2013 by Dr. Peter M. Fleischut, associate professor of anesthesiology and senior vice president and chief transformation officer at NewYork-Presbyterian. 

While serving as a Healthcare Leadership Fellow at Weill Cornell Medical College, Dr. Fleischut was mentored by national leaders in outcomes research and was inspired to build on their work by creating an innovative and collaborative research center at Weill Cornell Medical College.  In 2012, Dr. Fleischut began working to create a center where statistical, methodological, and information technology resources are available to faculty, fellows and residents, medical students, and graduate students. Leveraging these resources, the objective is to offer a collaborative and innovative approach to clinical care, evaluate operational efficiencies, and conduct health outcomes studies. This vision and leadership led to the creation of the Department of Anesthesiology’s first dedicated health outcomes research center, the CPO. 

The CPO has been integral in supporting the medical education mission of the department by providing mentorship and guidance to researchers at all career levels. The department is committed to providing state-of-the-art anesthesiology education in a collegial and supportive environment to ensure that upon completion of residency, graduates feel comfortable in any clinical situation and have participated in scholarly research activities. The CPO helps to achieve this goal.

I invite you to explore the opportunities and the accomplishments of the CPO. 


Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr., MD, PhD, FRCA
Senior Associate Dean for Research 
The Joseph F. Artusio, Jr. Professor and Chair
Department of Anesthesiology
Professor of Pharmacology
Weill Cornell Medicine
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

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