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Message from the Founding Director

Welcome to the Center for Perioperative Outcomes (CPO) where we are dedicated to fostering excellence in perioperative outcomes. This encompasses operational efficiencies, quality and compliance, and outcomes research. To achieve our goals, we are committed to utilizing large data sources and analytical tools to advance the science of perioperative clinical care, and ensure new and emerging clinical decision support technologies are available to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

In 2012, the vision to organize a center where faculty, postgraduates, and undergraduates could gather in a unique and collegial environment to conduct research was conceived. This vision was different from most research centers due to integration of methodological, statistical, and information technology resources under a single center. By combining these resources, a unique research center was created that has the flexibility to transition between pure health outcomes research and the utilization and development of innovative technologies to improve patient care. Supported by the Joseph F. Artusio Jr. Professor and Chair of Anesthesiology, Hugh C. Hemmings Jr., MD, PhD, the CPO was established in 2013. 

As envisioned, the CPO is staffed to meet the center’s goals by encompassing several disciplines, including medicine, nursing, information technologies, biostatistics, and research. The CPO team provides a distinctive opportunity for collaborators to cultivate and enhance their research skillsets. This collaborative and educational environment provides seasoned researchers with the opportunity to gain funding through successful grant applications and publications in peer-reviewed journals, while an inexperienced researcher can learn the skills necessary to produce their first scientific presentation. 

The CPO is a dynamic group that is structured for flexibility, allowing staff to shift focus to evolving realms of research and clinical informatics without losing focus on existing efforts. With this in mind, the CPO maintains an awareness of the current climate in healthcare and research. As such, the CPO provides its collaborators with the opportunity to participate and excel in emerging and cutting-edge research efforts. It is with great pleasure that I introduce the exciting and innovative pursuits of the CPO.

Peter M. Fleischut, M.D.

Founding Director, Center for Perioperative Outcomes
Senior Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medical College

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