Center for Perioperative Outcomes

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Our Team

Hugh Hemmings, Jr., MD
Hugh C. Hemmings, MD, PhD, FRCA, Chair of Anesthesiology
Headshot of Zachary Turnbull
Zachary A. Turnbull, MD, CPO Director and Medical Director of Performance Improvement
Anna Nachamie
Anna Nachamie, Operations Administrator
Michele Steinkamp
Michele Steinkamp, RN, Research Nurse Specialist
Headshot of Virginia Tangel
Virginia Tangel, MA, Research Data Specialist
Noelle Arroyo
Noelle Arroyo, Data Specialist
Headshot of Andre Volel
Andre Volel, Software Developer
Headshot of Samson Obembe
Samson Obembe, Database Analyst
Headshot of Soham Gupta
Soham Gupta, Research Assistant
Headshot of Lauren Buck
Lauren Buck, Project Manager
Headshot of Paul Christos
Paul J. Christos, DrPH, MS
Headshot of Linda Gerber
Linda Gerber, PhD
Headshot of Xiaoyue MA
Xiaoyue MA, MS, Research Biostatistician
Headshot of Elizabeth Maurer
Elizabeth Maurer, MS
Melissa Sanchez
Melissa Sanchez, Administrative Specialist

Center for Perioperative Outcomes
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 
Weill Cornell Medical Center
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New York, NY 10021
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