Center for Perioperative Outcomes

About Us

The Center for Perioperative Outcomes (CPO) is dedicated to fostering excellence in the field of perioperative outcomes research, utilizing innovative data sources and analytical tools to advance the science of perioperative clinical care and health care policy, and ensuring unique, new, and emerging clinical decision support technologies are used to improve the quality of care for patients. Founded and directed by Peter M. Fleischut, MD, with the support of Dr. Hugh C. Hemmings (Chair of Anesthesiology) and Dr. Kane O. Pryor (Director of Clinical Research and Director of Education), the CPO provides interdisciplinary, formal, and practical education in perioperative clinical and population-based outcomes research and associated methodologies. It is an excellent environment for faculty, residents, and students to hypothesize research studies, learn the principles of clinical and informatics investigation, develop analytical skills, prepare abstracts and manuscripts for publication, and hone presentation skills.

Center for Perioperative Outcomes
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