About Us

The Center for Perioperative Outcomes (CPO) is dedicated to advancing perioperative outcomes through its research, education and patient-related services.

Research & Education

Research and education are at the core of the CPO mission. Founder Dr. Peter M. Fleischut envisioned the center as an environment where faculty, residents, and students could collaborate on population-based outcomes research and associated methodologies.

CPO researchers learn to:

  • Hypothesize salient research studies.
  • Collect data through rare access to national databases.
  • Apply principles of clinical and informatics investigation.
  • Develop or refine analytical and presentation skills.
  • Prepare abstracts and manuscripts for publication.
  • Form lasting mentorships with expert faculty members.

CPO education and research has led to various publications and peer-reviewed articles.

Real-World Services

The CPO transforms research into practical services to improve patient care and affect health care policy. The center uses unique, new and emerging clinical-decision support technologies. As a result of these innovative services, the CPO has formed relationships with internal and external collaborators around New York.

Center for Perioperative Outcomes
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 
Weill Cornell Medical Center
428 East 72nd Street, Suite 800A
New York, NY 10021