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Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr., M.D.
Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr, MD, PhD, FRCA
  • Chair, Department of Anesthesiology
Zachary Turnbull, M.D.
Zachary A. Turnbull, MD, MBA
  • Director, Center for Perioperative Outcomes
Silis Jiang, PhD
Silis Jiang, PhD
  • Informatics Manager
Lauren Buck, BA
  • Project Manager
Victoria Jimenez, BS
  • Data Specialist
Briana Lui, BS
  • Research Assistant
Samson Obembe, BS
  • Database Analyst
Melissa Sanchez
Melissa Sanchez, BS
  • Administrative Specialist
Virginia Tangel, MA
  • Research Data Specialist
Andre Volel, BS
  • Software Developer
Xiaoyue Ma, MS
  • Research Biostatistician
Elizabeth Mauer, MS
  • Research Biostatistician
Paul J. Christos, DrPH, MS
  • Associate Professor of Research in Healthcare Policy and Research
Linda Gerber, PhD
  • Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research

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Center for Perioperative Outcomes
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