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Health Technology and Innovation

Patient care drives the Center for Perioperative Outcomes (CPO)’s Health Technology and Innovation services. The CPO provides clinicians the data needed to make clinical and operational decisions. The center also tackles inefficiencies and eliminates burdensome administrative tasks, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients.

Putting Patients First

The CPO brings together multidisciplinary teams across all pillars of work for the unified goal of improving patient care. The center works with attending anesthesiologists, residents, fellows, CRNAs, anesthesia technicians and biostatisticians, among many others. This collaborative approach generates innovative ideas with health technology solutions.

Access to flexible resources also makes the CPO a unique group. The center uses process improvement strategies and data-driven decision making to address patient safety concerns and streamline communication efforts.

Health Technology Accomplishments

The CPO’s recent innovations include:

  • Real-time billing documentation system, which links triggers in the anesthesia medical record to the hospital's paging system leading to increased compliance. 
  • Department-wide mobile app providing users contact information, clinical references, research references and educational materials.
  • Unique faculty web portal.
  • Custom utility tool resulting in automated, individualized e-mail reminders to faculty and residents to increase performance evaluation response rates.
  • Implementation of Mobile Heartbeat at the department and perioperative level.

To learn more about the CPO’s Health Technology initiatives, please contact us.

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